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Pay Attention

The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts..


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The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts.


————————Bandit—————– is what they called him. A man of mystery, action and intelligence. Some people Love him, others hate on him but all respect him or face annihilation and shame…  he knows a man of courage will fall in the hands of the coward. Bandit a man of knowledge pursuing his dream, who would’ve known that he was also criminal, an ex-con that not only knew his subject material but he had mastered the California streets. Bandit, a survivor of city of Federales and the menial games they implant within the society, the ones that veil the peoples futuristic visions with promise of residency, work  etc. In due time this same people sell their soul at the drop of a heart beat; with the quickness and with that scheme, as is the method of operation for many in politics; get the people behind an issue and you can’t go wrong.  Bandit a seeker of the truth which many fear of hearing, had made a number of appearances in his immediate regional area.  Bandit was an adventurous thrill seeking Man of purpose, who loved to have fun and a true fitness fanatic despite these great qualities in character, he also despised the Federales and their ways. He took initiative and pursued a law degree so he could gain that litigation knowledge and defend the generations behind him, the many that don’t survive and fall victim this M.O. the feds have… Men that would turn into boys.

Bandit a risk taker, a maverick lived outside the town of Federal. Their he was a University student gaining that precious knowledge among the children of the people of Federal. He didn’t mind as he trusted no one and place closed attention, made calculated observations and mental notes. In the hostel he lived, one of many he lived in… and for some reason he paid close attention to this new set up he was now living in, very close noticing the pattern… things were not making sense to him from the beginning and stories were not adding up from each party living at the house, but he mentioned nothing but had to covertly investigate by all means necessary…he just made them him his good friends and through his fishing line as he knew fish were biting…rookies.

He shared his intentions and to him it was no surprise that they disregarded this. He made that an advantage in his playbook. Their they lived another family and 2 more people who were fool or odd to his eye. Everything was done according to schedule which coincidently coincided with his active schedule. [Mental note] Another was that one of them was a masseuse, just like one the girls he dated. [mental note]

Grandma always told him that the [walls had ears].. that only God could know what he was thinking, the devil only what came out of his mouth so he guarded his words. Always shedding fiction in his conversations, was his motto as he trusted only his shadow, and sometimes he thought twice about that. So couple weeks past and things started to change the people started acting “out-of-pocket,” Like if they wanted an altercation to occur not only that, to add there was loud yells of the sort where the police would show up immediately this happened two nights in a row, both at night and where one can be vulnerable to the lurking marked car. So he stood still and gathered more intelligence staying vigilant and holding his ground; in other words it was his favorite game. So the second night he was coming home from the cock-fight he frequented when it broke off again but this time with an escalating intent of calling the authorities. Which he was prepared for, he was prepared he knew he owed them nothing. They waited for him around the way clear from view as he collected his stuff and walked out they then approached him with aggression and coordination like if it was planned. Which he had been anticipating from the behavior and attitude of the neighborhood. He was aware of the set up that was in place. The people of Federal had been advised of Bandito, the seeker of truth, the ones that hated believed anything based solely on words. No fact backed by evidence. Of him being the famous Bandido of California… which he wasn’t, but was the story formulated by the fed people… letting the people do the dirty work for them and when they thought it the opportune time they struck but Bandido awaited he had seconds to react tot he strike that would’ve led him to prison if the claims were true. It was no cry for help by the people as the they claimed one should have.. it a an act of aggression to put him away for good. Well they failed. Bandido was ready. Read the blitz and called his audible and held his reserve. 7 Feds showed up with one Federal was with them so you know it was no routine call it was the plan. Of the month…hoping to end the story like “he was in need of  help and “they” were the saviors”  to assure  the danger of having a weapon if Bandit was to have one” the community and the Federales were right in planning this but Bandido was one step ahead and saw what he had seen in his prior encounters and maintained his bearing on the situation. The set up failed and the Federales were hot on his trail now… as they wanted blood, but Bandido went to the wizards and spoke on the issue, where were his Guardians. We are Warriors. Stand down. We will make them pay. Bandido will continue on his path of knowledge nonetheless, planning his revenge. They drew first blood.


The main idea is: get the people to side with you with no facts just brain washing power… a good example would be to get into a relationship and divide them, another one would be to infiltrate a group and cause issues which then causes a division…the best is to get a to be their best friend gaining their trust, and get him to think you are helping the subject in some godly way, then let him play and when the opportune time comes cause an issue of some sort; where authorities are called and wallah we get the criminal by getting the community to believe he is the enemy….when in reality  Bandit merely went to the “edge of the cliff. as planned, till he saw what was most necessary , he then pulled back and extracted from his reconnaissance. This is what it takes to be number 1… the ballad of Gregorio Cortez, raced through his mind as did “Lonestar” The movie, as he wanted to start an analysis, as is why he drew from these 2 excerpts… One a novel and the other a film. He had to put a code on it and he did that well and very precise,… the investigation had now initiated. Evidence was logged and shared with… yes the scholars for safe keeping.




love Don’t live here anymore…

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Faces of Poverty

A couple of days ago while conducting research for a school paper while at the same time making sure to myself that I one day will visit again. This academic institution happens to be in the local region of the San Francisco bay area. I will tell you one fact about the school, it’s on California’s list of “worst schools in the state”; so that should give you an idea on what i observed for about 3 hours, in one of those hours of intuitive observation, I decided to have lunch, coincidently the local high school of subject was also on their lunch hour. So I made my approach and ask my respondents which were 6 black male students. I conducted a number of interviews and to which was a surprise as it was not only my first but also not my intended target group, but couldn’t let this opportunity slip so I seized it… and when I completed this interview i was confident that the rest of the interviews were going to be just as successful as my first. My goal was not to focus on gathering qualitative data but the opportunity arose and presented itself and I was not going to let in slip away. I ordered my burritos and soda. From the same taco truck that has been there for nearly 26 years standing around the corner from this institution, which is the same time that I have resided in this same community, a city we moved to from Delano, CA.

The group which I surrounded myself with for lunch consisted of 6 [black] high school boys what looked to me as they were eating as I approached but in reality were really just sharing their lunch, going over their day while having a “smoke”. I went ahead and approached them and ask if it was ok to do an interview, made them know that it would take no more than 10 minutes and they all agreed.The whole time they were all smiles, to which I noticed that their “attitude” was that similar of a mere kid, kids like mine soft, shy, loud, curious and social; not the “tough guys” I thought I would encounter either. During the questions that I had prepared for them which consisted of their student/teacher relations, classroom achievement, campus-climate, etc.
One question that really caught them by surprise but immediately responded as it was an answer they were confident on, which was my inquiry of the “Latino” teacher population on campus and after a quick thought they all agreed that it had grown somewhat in comparison to last years total. Although I was pleased that they answered in which they did but I already had the data in possession but my intention was to test their campus knowledge and its educators there. I was pleased to hear them mentioning something about a new Math teacher, which was music to my ears. These young men were all laughs up until the real questions started slipping from my mouth and when they were asked the faces turn to sadness, some to anxiety but all were [hopeful] as we ate lunch and continued to share. Questions I asked started with something similar to, “where do you live?” which I left for one of the last questions, but I already had a general idea, when which they stated was one of the city’s most struggling neighborhoods, the “Crest Side”. After I shared my neighborhood origins, which is about a mile away from theirs, I saw they felt more at ease and we were now on ‘big brother” terms as I demonstrated compassion and recognition to their daily lives. With that said, I went ahead and asked away in more depth but this time I asked, “if they lived with their parents or a single parent household” that’s when the faces changed completely as if i had asked the wrong question to which I related to immediately upon the observation. It felt like if I had mentioned death. They tended to look away when I probed for answers with different and strategic methods, some acted like they didn’t hear me, others acted like they was on their phones. Like they were wanting for me to not ask, after a couple of breaths of their “cigarettes” each one slowly answered one by one that they lived one parent in a single family household. Another said he was abandoned by both parents, another said he was with his grandmother… after their confessions they all carried different new faces unlike the ones they had when I presented myself to them. I asked them about college and they had great optimism and hope. They said that it had been mentioned a couple of times but then I asked if they know about “Fafsa” grants for low-income students and they didn’t know what I was actually informing them about so we let it go as it was no concern at the present moment, that told me a lot even without them telling me another word. The interview stopped and after exchanging a few more words the interview was complete. We shook hands laughs as they walked on foot to their respected destinations, looking back towards my car for some reason or another. All i could do was think about my childhood and those same faces i used to make.

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Action Firm

A shock and awe demonstration delivered by a representative or delegate for any and all students who’s rights are violated in any way. Action Firm seeks answers to injustices and delivers truth to Academic Institutions on the many issues confronting our students still to this day. Action Firm is an [operational] volunteer group that believes that everyone should have equal opportunity to attain an Education.

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September 5, 2013 · 4:52 pm

Action Firm

Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?

Is that a trick question? Or maybe you know some of my secrets from my wildest days. 🙂
Well to be honest but not specific I have had many occasions where I was in situations that made me think fast and almost had to act errorless in almost all instances. I say this because those emotions you specified or tedious reactions, which I like to term them, are in many cases only experienced while someone who is involved in some type of high stakes, death-defying, gut-wrenching, risky business, on the edge type of situation. For example gambling, rock-climbing, human smuggling or even high speed driving… these situations will have your adrenaline peeked, many panic and fail.. but then there is the seasoned adrenaline junkie who makes it look like he was on Miami Beach with no sign of Fear but full of poise and courage.. as he has trained himself to become…cool calm, and collective… Warrior Status. So to answer your question if my actions were deemed Justified? yes everything I do is for a reason: good or bad doesn’t really matter to me… I live in that balance.. whos to say what’s bad and what’s good.. I love Mother Earth and its habitats. Which is what I find personally as the most important connection in the Universe or as a human; One with the Earth. It will never betray you because you have learned its ways; paths rivers, trails, cliffs… you will move as one with the ground” as one unit the ground will push you forward as you make contact with it step by step… as One. My response is always Graceful. Thanks cha cha!


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