Action Firm

Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?

Is that a trick question? Or maybe you know some of my secrets from my wildest days. 🙂
Well to be honest but not specific I have had many occasions where I was in situations that made me think fast and almost had to act errorless in almost all instances. I say this because those emotions you specified or tedious reactions, which I like to term them, are in many cases only experienced while someone who is involved in some type of high stakes, death-defying, gut-wrenching, risky business, on the edge type of situation. For example gambling, rock-climbing, human smuggling or even high speed driving… these situations will have your adrenaline peeked, many panic and fail.. but then there is the seasoned adrenaline junkie who makes it look like he was on Miami Beach with no sign of Fear but full of poise and courage.. as he has trained himself to become…cool calm, and collective… Warrior Status. So to answer your question if my actions were deemed Justified? yes everything I do is for a reason: good or bad doesn’t really matter to me… I live in that balance.. whos to say what’s bad and what’s good.. I love Mother Earth and its habitats. Which is what I find personally as the most important connection in the Universe or as a human; One with the Earth. It will never betray you because you have learned its ways; paths rivers, trails, cliffs… you will move as one with the ground” as one unit the ground will push you forward as you make contact with it step by step… as One. My response is always Graceful. Thanks cha cha!



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