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If one sacrifices Loyalty for an Opportunity; that alone speaks volumes on Character.

If one sacrifices Loyalty for an Opportunity; that alone speaks volumes on Character.

“not everyone can become a Warrior but only those who choose to become one”- Filoso


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February 24, 2014 · 11:02 pm

“Your more than Half Way there; Keep Going!”

The most emotional nerve racking feeling in given situation in life I personally is when one begins something “new”, an activity or situation that has caused to begin or start all over. Something that takes you out of your comfort zone, something that you have no knowledge of as it is something one has never seen or experienced. With that said, I can say then that after accumulating lifes precious experiences during my course life, As we grow will I find  new things or experiences; in terms of challenges, will they be handled easier? I mean we do have gainful knowledge of life at 50, 40, or even at 35; but do we? As we get older and wise do these challenges” get easier? Answer that for a minute and then come back to the reading…..

“challenge your self or the challenge will find you and the thing is that if it finds you it would be a surprise that you might not be ready or take a liking to but if you challenge your self; you might know the but you as an expert know how much to push and when to slow down… we learn to listen our body…you pick the challenge, your the captain or have main control of this mission you pick up the pace and when it gets rough you just slow it down and then when you recover you pick it up again like a champ.”

This  quote that I share with you is a quote that quite often has been expressed to me over the years… again a quote that was stressed upon me during challenging situations I personally put my self  into hence challenging myself— and that was in  Endurance Fitness Training.



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