Class is in Session Boys and Girls

What was the one experience that completely changed
your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

I was 25 years old, clever, handsome, single and recently divorced; but the one ting I thought made me interesting was that I was in the Mexican Mafia. I was living well, working as an Iron worker in the city if Miami, FL. and made a pretty good wage…. things were well, despite the heat and the beautiful girls that surrounded me in this city… I wanted action, risk, I wanted to strategically dismantle, overwhelm, out maneuver and totally out wit the agents in charge of my case. I even say to myself after not seeing them we cross paths, its like I read the words that come out of their mouth… its like they were waiting for the time of my arrival like they if they were a long lost gf or cousin that was just eager to see me again that’s how we roll “pura gente buena”, it wasn’t even a surprise to see me… but in the fashion that I came in, to their own house and basically slap them down to submission and made them retreat one by one… is what they never expected. They wanted me bad… but like always we “fly like roosters”, now tell me when have you ever seen a roster fly? exactly; con dinero baila el perro GONE! I wasn’t used to being “still”, in the norm, like a robot earning much less than what I was worth. So I decided to take another path I didn’t care what path it was, or where it took me, it just had to be a path of heart. So I decided after a well fought battle with the world and really myself, I returned to school to school as a grown adult. For whatever the reason I had somehow obtained my GED while in my teens and was able to register for my first semester in college with my GED in 2007. The journey to prove everyone wrong had began. It has been a psychological battle since the very first days. Mission #1 prove to the scholars your worth and intent, as we learned after some time in school hat scholars actually set the discourse. Scholars are the people that have brains and think, and use them same brains so that they think coherently and logical, well most of the time, but regardless what the thoughts if they are thinking well so be it as I don’t judge thinkers. but  Actions “mean” more, they are  Louder than thoughts and spoken words. Take note that The meat and potatoes of Action: is Enduring action, [event after event]. By Delivering electrifying words that move and awake people to do good; To reflect. To summon. To Transform.
One thing is for sure… Transformation agents will bring unknown fears in their enemies long before they step onto the playing field… We make them shake.Farmworkers



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