Life, am I right?

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So, today I was getting dinner with a friend and she was informing me of all of the stress she is under as the semester winds down. Of course this is her final semester of her undergraduate career, so stress is normal. But I’m telling you, she has enough stressful decisions to make to last her a lifetime.

Photo Credit: mischiru via Compfight cc Photo Credit: mischiru via Compfightcc

Not getting into the grad schools that she wanted has caused her to second guess if she should go to grad school for her major yet she’s wait-listed for one school but doesn’t wan to get her hopes up. Second guessing her major has made her think of going to grad school for a completely different thing which now means she needs to look into new grad schools. This leads to more tuition costs and debating the benefits of moving across the country to gain in-school tuition. These…

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