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Do you thrive under pressure or crumble at the thought of it? Does your best stuff surface as the deadline approaches or do you need to iterate, day after day to achieve something you’re proud of? Tell us how you work best

“Not everyone can become a Warrior but only those who choose to become one”… Simple but not easy is what my mentor always calls out. Matter of fact Ive come to understand that during your trsnsformation from a simple man into a Warrior is not something some one or some “deed” that you feel, or anyone else feels,  which for some reason or other makes you believe that you are worthy of honing that title just because someone suggests it or you feel worthy that day… well thats a big negative, the “Warrior/Scholar” status is not something that is given to you by anyone else or that can be earned by some mere act or deed; the day you attain the spirit of awareness and the transformation in  becoming a Warrior Scholar is a life long process that come into your life when you decide to commit to such a title… the decision is in your hands and no elses.

Becoming a Warrior is a daily process or ritula that begins every day, it is osmething that you must keep under fire flaiming, it is something that is earned and that can never be given. As human beings we are not born learned, but we are talented in our own ways and the individual must dig deep into their being and find that talent and expose it into human service. We actually have to learn all these disciplines from birth. Like everything in order to master any such disciplines it will take; hard work and training… Hard work can be defined in such a “broad prospective” and also can be approached from many different lenses or ways, what I mean is that some people have a different definition for “hard work”… To elaborate some I explain like so… all things equal; when some folks are “suffer” from whatever the reason might be,  they feell like they are going through hell, that they are about to break and in many cases become traumatized from the incident well in other cases; others that encounter that very same “ordeal” well to them it is just another day at the office no suffering just simple tasks that are encountered to the best of their ability… I call this discipline “expert sufferer” as a Warrior you must learn how to suffer and when you conform to that discipline is when twhen you contend with any circumstance or situation regarless of the ciscumstances; and annihalate with ease… these people are special. ANd if im talking to you well feel special… These Warriors are very unique that your chance of even meeting or greeting one are slim to none… words from a Warrior Scholar. On this first day of June.


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June 1, 2014 · 4:50 pm

Warrior Status

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post… What makes you special, unique and talented?
“Who made who?”
“Who Made Who?” –An ACDC Music hit and one of this music groups all-time greatest album,
“Back in Black”. Matter of fact- to the common idle human, this would probably seem intrusive or improper for conversation the title actually has a tone of control or authority but what could it possibly mean? And what it can it suggest; by asking “who.made.who?”… To the critical eye it can easily mean that someone is taking credit for someone else’s successes or position in society or on another note it can actually be the [fact] that someone is letting someone know who is control…II on the other hand take it as Educational theme song where my Educators observed, noted, and developed the talent into its optimal forms… With all due respect, “both are paths” the only significance or difference is that one path is of [glory] and the other is a well-trodden path of [followers], a path of security, a path of comfort, a path that shares “what’s around the uphill run” instead of preparing for whatever is to come… This path is known as the Warrior Path.
So who makes these ‘Warriors’? Are these Men or Women? Are these individuals born into “Warrioracy?” Let’s ask ourselves this last question; are they special humans can we call them heroes? “Prefabricated humans”, so to speak, who are developed over time… but do these humans experience trials and tribulations, I will make a point here, to some trials and tribulations seem impossible tasks but to the Warrior “it’s another day at the office” as they are commonly heard to say in the public.
These Men and Women are known for their Courage, How do they conquer fear? How do they stare down chaos, doing so in such a manner as if it was a mere reflection of a mirror…Smiling? They tackle chaos head on; with no mercy. How do they conquer or come to possess such an extraordinary state of mind? Not only do they utilize their minds as weapons but in return control that same mind they possess as it is used to destroy their enemies thoughts actions even… stopping them from any “legal” forward progress in their pursuits thru trickery and cowardliness— never standing a chance against a trained Mean in Psychological Warfare. QUIT NOW~!
So who makes these Warriors? The only logical answer is that no one makes anyone, Warriors are Self-Made, Warriors are Leaders of Truth not perfection; striving for excellence. We can ask ourselves these Men can’t do it this all by themselves, again the Warrior doesn’t think narrow but broad; he has vision down the range… now… what guides or motivates these special kind? Well one thing is for sure that everyone is born to find their and choose their talents or attributes. Warriors, are different they know they are Warriors early in their lives. Due to their in experience though and lack Fitness they must build this foundation to Survive against the enemy… knowing that he must only guard his spirit and nothing else.
I see in many of your eyes that you just might be one of these Warriors, well your wrong twinkle toes, and a matter of fact not everyone can become a Warrior, Warriors are those who choose to become Warriors. No one needs to tell them or confirm this Warrioracy, Warriors know who they are especially when the day comes that they realize their Warrior Spirit from that day forward they have just merely started another level of their everything they believe they possess, should no longer be of any value, they must only build their Spirits and seek these in the world they deem candidates to Warrioracy.
If I may I will share my story, my path, and my journey in becoming a Warrior-Scholar.
It all started in Delano, California- Warrior capital of the world.
Where Warrior either become or succumbs… Let me elaborate.
The Mexicans are born into Warrioracy, but although they are born to such privilege, Warriors must still develop special traits that come in due [time] not with age or by purchasing or marriage but in due time. Time is the factor here not experience or power, but- time; when the young Warrior decides to become a Warrior that is the day they lives transform. When this occurs they commit to error because there will error after error until Excellence comes to fruition. This can either take 5 years or 15. All depends on the individual’s—- awareness and mental toughness. Errors are costly, and with errors come trauma and more traumas and again time is wasting… time slips away… nonetheless These Special Kind commit themselves to the Warrior path until this title is honed and earned; Regardless of the obstacles.
One must decide to either keep going or quit… no one’s decision but the candidates.
Good Luck Twinkle toes MOFOS! And yes keeps dreaming you little punks- you will never become a Warrior… Why?
QUIT NOW. GO HOME. Before “Go Daddy” Spanks YOU!


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